5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Selling Your Home

When you are selling your own property, you are going from homeowner to salesperson. You can make your home look perfect in every way, but unless you are ready to personally deal with buyers, the process of selling a house will be tough. That is why, before you start showing your home to prospective buyers, it is vital that you ask yourself the following questions so that you can be prepared.

“Why do I want to sell my house quickly?”

This may be the first question a potential buyer asks, so you need to be ready to answer. You could be moving for a variety of reasons: Job relocation, wanting a smaller or larger house, retirement, etc. You should be honest, but you want to position your answer so that it does not turn away prospective buyers. Avoid bad parking, heavy traffic, or anything else outside of your control.

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“When do I want to sell?”

The best month to sell a house is May, but the overall process may take longer than a few weeks. Set a firm goal of when you want to sell, and let buyers know of the timeline. This reduces the chances of buyers getting cold feet and lets them know that you are serious about the sale. Don’t waste time on tire kickers.

“What do I like most about my home?”

The best way to sell your house is to make it look and sound like the ideal living place (even though you’re moving). Don’t just talk about the house; look at the rest of the neighborhood. Is it a tight-knit community? Are there local parks and shopping centers? Is the area nice year-round?

“What are some issues I’ve had with this home?”

No home or neighborhood is perfect. Buyers know that. Some things cannot be avoided, like poor parking or traffic. But those factors do not have to be automatic deal-breakers. Let buyers know of any issues that have arisen in the past and how you dealt with them. They will appreciate your honesty.

“Am I ready to sell my house?”

Buyers are not the only ones who can get cold feet. Are you truly ready to sell your home? If you’ve been there a long time, you may have become attached, and it can be difficult to part with it. After a few weeks, you may start to feel homesick. You need to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally ready to move on.

The best way to sell a home is to go into the process prepared. Asking yourself these questions prior to listing your home will give you the proper insight to make everything go much more smoothly.

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