5 Signs You’re Ready to Move

If you’re like most people, you don’t especially enjoy the process of moving. It can be highly stressful to pack everything you own into boxes and then set up a new life in a new location. But of course, moving is sometimes necessary. In fact, it may be the required first step toward an even better life for you and your family.

But how do you know when the time has come? How do you know when you’re ready to let your apartment lease lapse, or get your current home sold, and move into new digs?

That’s the question we’re going to answer in this post, specifically by sharing five telltale signs that you’re ready for relocation.

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Signs You’re Ready for a Big Move

Your current space is feeling tight.

One of the most obvious signs that you’re ready to move? Your current space has gotten a little too cramped. You and your family can no longer move about comfortably.

This happens for many reasons. Maybe you have a new baby. Maybe an elderly relative comes to live with you. Maybe your kids have just gotten a lot bigger. Or maybe you’ve started working from home, and your home office takes up more space than you’d imagined.

Whatever the reason, if you and your family members no longer have sufficient room to live a happy and comfortable life, that’s probably an indicator that you’re ready for relocation.

You want nicer things.

There’s nothing at all wrong with wanting an upgrade!

Maybe your current home was purchased back when you were new at your job, and not making as much money as you are today. And maybe you’ve reached a point where you think you can afford a nicer neighborhood, some more modern appliances, and other such amenities.

Likewise, you may decide that you and your family really want a pool, or a backyard area that offers more room to play, relax, and entertain.

Regardless of the specifics, the desire to upgrade is normal, and a good enough reason to get your current place sold and move on!

You pine for the suburbs.

Tired of all the hustle and bustle of big city life?

Ready to fall asleep at night to the sounds of crickets and frogs, as opposed to Interstate traffic and the neighbor’s dogs?

Desire just a little more privacy and a sense of seclusion for you and your family?

It doesn’t happen for everyone, but for many of us, there comes a point when we’re ready to say goodbye to urban life and embrace a more suburban environment. And of course, that entails a move.

You have too much empty space.

We said before that if you run out of space, that’s reason enough to move. But the inverse is also true.

This is mostly a concern for empty nesters. Once your little ones are all off on their own, you may decide you no longer need quite so many rooms. You may want to live somewhere a little more intimate and cozier.

Downsizing is not a dirty word! If you and your spouse or partner are ready for something smaller and easier to manage, get your SOLD.com house selling tips and start the process!

You have a change in your relationship.

Not to end on a bummer, but: One final reason you might move is because you have a change in your relationship status. You know what we’re talking about: If you and the person you live with decide you don’t want to live together anymore, that can be a pretty big motivator to head somewhere new.

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There are plenty of reasons to move, which means there are plenty of reasons to sell—and if you’re ready to do that, we invite you to request your seller’s report from SOLD.com right away!