7 Tips for Selling Your House Without an Agent

One of our core beliefs here at SOLD.com is that there’s more than one way to sell a house—there’s no one right answer for everyone.

That’s why we encourage everyone to request a free SOLD.com report, which will provide some top tips for selling your house and meeting your real estate goals. You’ll even learn whether it’s wiser for you to sell with an agent or to sell your home yourself.

For those who do decide to sell without an agent, there can be both risks and rewards. To help mitigate the risks and maximize the rewards, here are a few of our top tips for selling your own property.

The Best Ways to Sell Your House Yourself

  1. Consider all the options.

Just because you decide you don’t want to work with a traditional agent, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Affordable options such as flat-fee brokers exist, and there’s also the possibility of selling to an iBuyer. Get your SOLD.com report to discover all the possibilities.

  1. Fix the place up before you list.

First impressions are everything, and you don’t want any buyer to see the house before you have a chance to clean, repair, declutter, and renovate as needed. Take some time to spruce the place up, focusing on curb appeal both inside and out.

  1. Think about renting a short-term storage unit.

If you have an external facility where you can deposit overflow stuff/unused furniture, that can help your space look bigger, cleaner, and more inviting.

  1. Price it right.

When selling your own property, pricing can be make-or-break. You don’t want to leave money on the table, but neither do you want to overprice and not get any takers. Spend some time reviewing comps and coming up with a reasonable, competitive listing price.

  1. Maintain your home.

Once you start showing the place, that’s when it becomes important to straighten up every day, keeping the place spic and span. Remember what we said about first impressions!

  1. Never turn down a showing.

Some people will want to see your home at an inconvenient time—but remember that any one of them could be the buyer you’ve been waiting for. Don’t ever turn down a chance to show the place!

  1. Get advice.

Finally, remember to make use of all the online resources available to you—including your SOLD.com report and our Seller Central, where you’ll find many more top tips for selling your home.