Curb Appeal 101: Painting, Pressure Washing, and Beyond!

It’s no exaggeration to say that curb appeal can make or break your home sale. It really is that important. That’s why we created this four-part blog series, providing some general tips on how to sell your house quickly via a positive first impression.

In previous installments, we talked about:

  1. The front yard
  2. The front stairs, stoop, and entryway
  3. The backyard and patio

In our final post, we’re going to tie up a few loose ends, and provide just a few more tips on how you can maximize curb appeal and get your listing sold!

How to Sell Your House Quickly Through Maximum Curb Appeal

  1. First, let’s talk painting. Paying professionals to slap a new coat of paint on your house can be a bit of an investment, and if your paint isn’t chipped or fading, you may not need to do it. If your home has lost its luster, though, that investment in a new paint job can really pay off. Key point: You may be tempted to paint yourself, but we’d only recommend this if you have some experience. A haphazard paint job will only make your home look less appealing.
  2. Another tip to get your house sold: Rent a pressure washer for a couple of days to clean up the siding and also your driveway/sidewalk. You can also hire someone to pressure wash for you. This is a critical step for making your home look truly fresh and up to date.
  3. Depending on the season, you may have some buyers tour the home when it’s dark outside—so make sure you have adequate lighting along the sidewalk and the front entryway. Replace any bad bulbs or outdated fixtures.
  4. Is your mailbox old and junky? A new one can cost as little as $50 to $100, and most are very easy to install on your own. It’s a little thing but it can be a key opportunity to show just how well-cared-for your home is.
  5. Do you have an older garage door? If it looks like it’s seen better days, you might consider staining it—a good way to make it look brand new.

These are just a few of the house selling tips we’d recommend for anyone looking to enhance curb appeal. And with that, we wrap up our series!

Just one final note: These house selling tips can help you get your property sold as quickly as possible, but it’s also imperative to choose the right method for selling. That’s where a free report from can be invaluable. Make sure you snag yours today!