Getting Your House Sale-Ready: Plumbing Projects

So you wanna sell your house?

More power to you. Before you put it on the market, though, it’s important to conduct an honest inventory of each and every room, looking for any opportunities to make renovations, repairs, or cosmetic updates.

Nobody expects your house to be glistening perfection, but it should make a positive first impression on potential buyers. That’s true whether you’re selling a house without an agent or working closely with one.

That’s why we’re starting a new series of house selling tips, focused on getting your property in top shape for its listing.

And we’re going to start in the toilet.

No, really. It’s important to make sure your plumbing is in good working order before you list. Imagine if a potential buyer notices a dripping faucet, standing water in your shower, or a toilet that won’t flush. Any one of those things could be a deal-breaker!

So here are some tips for selling your home…starting with some basic DIY plumbing projects.

House Selling Tips: Check Your Plumbing!

  1. First things first…go around to each bathroom and perform a toilet check. Flush each unit to ensure that it works. If you have to jiggle the handle or flush multiple times for all the water to go down, that means you need to open up the toilet and replace some of its innards. Also, spend a few minutes in each bathroom to see if you hear the toilet running; if so, that’s another sign that you need to make a small fix. Note that these issues can usually be addressed really easily with a toilet kit; you probably don’t need to call a plumber to have the whole thing replaced!
  2. Next, inspect all your faucets. Do you have any that leak or drip? Again, these issues can usually be fixed pretty easily, and it’s worth doing so. A leaky faucet can be a real turnoff to potential buyers.
  3. Are there drain issues in your shower or bath? The best ways to tell are that there’s standing water, foul odors, or simply long drain times. If you notice any of these issues, you may want to do some unclogging.
  4. One more thing you might look at is the water heater. If it’s 15 years older or more, that might mean it’s on its way out…and potential buyers are going to know it. Replacing the unit preemptively will be an expense, but it can also provide buyers with real confidence. It’s something to consider.

These are just a few tips for getting your plumbing up to snuff. Next time, we’ll turn to a different set of tips for selling your home…tips for decluttering!

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