Moving Right Along: Sell Your Home Quickly

When it comes to selling your home, timing really can be everything. Whether you have a deadline related to a baby on board, job change or other milestones, sometimes, the sooner the better when selling your house. Here are a few things to bear in mind as you expedite the process of selling your home.

Price Competitively

Of course, as a seller, you want top dollar for your property. But from the buyer’s perspective, who doesn’t want a bargain from a motivated seller? If a quick sale is what you’re after, figure out where you can comfortably afford to price your home with the help of recent market comps. The right real estate agent will help you determine the sweet spot that gets buyers through the door – and depending upon the market, might inspire an offer. Super low prices might even incite a bidding war, based on current available inventory.

Figure out where you can comfortably afford to price the property with the help of recent market comps.

Spruce Things Up

Improving curb appeal and decluttering your home are key to fostering the buyer interest that will ultimately lead to a sale. Consider hiring landscapers, professional painters, and cleaners if the timing is tight, so you can get the place to tip-top shape and let your listing shine from the first showing. (You might want to read Clean Up Your Act: Get Your Home Ready to Sell or The Home Seller’s Guide to Decluttering Your House.)

Be Honest

Any good listing features the home’s strong points up front, without creating unrealistic expectations that may lead to false starts. Once you have an interested buyer, be honest about any underlying problems the property may have, such as HVAC issues or spent roofing. Having potential buyers go through the process of hiring their own home inspector, only to discover deal breakers, is a waste of everyone’s time. Consider hiring your own home inspector to do a check on your house so you can either resolve outstanding issues or bring them forth to your buyer. The sooner you as the seller can get on the same page as your buyer, the better your chances of making a smooth, efficient sale.

Sale-derailing deal breakers are a surefire way to slow down your process, so be upfront about any underlying problems the property may have, such as HVAC issues or spent roofing.

Start Sharing

Posting on social media is one of a few great marketing strategies for selling your home. It can be a good way to spread the word to your personal network and beyond. Sometimes, a buyer could be closer than you think in the form of a friend, neighbor or relative, or someone in their social spheres. The more eyes on your listing, the better. (See also Accelerating Your Home Sale with Social Media.)

Be On Time

Putting your home on the market in spring or summer is almost always preferable to starting on the off-season. If you can wait until this time of year, you’re more likely to get more bites and move through the sale more quickly than in a cold market. If you can’t wait, you might get lucky and use the scarcity in the marketplace to your advantage.

The time is right, price it right and do it up right, and you should be on your way to the speedy sale you’re after. Remember to keep your expectations in check and approach the process with an open mind to get you to your next move, whatever that may be.