Prepare for Your Home Inspection

As a seller, you can make things far easier for yourself by getting thoroughly prepared for a home inspection. While this will take a little advance legwork on your part, it will also save you effort down the road – and positively affect your bottom line.

How To Prepare For Home Inspection:

  • Clean the house. We’re talking as sparkling as possible. Clean houses give the impression that your place has been well-maintained, which of course reflects well on the inspection results.
  • Move the necessary furniture and other items to give room to work around water heaters and the furnace.
  • Be on time. The inspector almost certainly will be.
  • Keep your pilot lights ignited and your utilities connected.
  • Clear away any brush from exterior inspection areas.
  • Expect the process to take at least three hours.
  • Provide repair documents.
  • Remember to leave the keys for any outbuildings or lockboxes.

Anything you can do to make an inspector’s job easier will be greatly appreciated and hopefully reflect well on your inspection report. In return, your home sale will become that much easier and possibly even more lucrative.