Sell Your Home the Feng Shui Way

Using Chinese philosophical principles of harmonizing, foster a good flow of energy through your home to inspire the feeling of movement for potential buyers. From adding open space to letting light in, these simple steps are designed to impact the feeling they get during showings.

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui is a complex set of principles to be interpreted and reinterpreted over a lifetime, prioritizing different elements of your home depending upon your current situation. When shifting your energy toward movement in the process of selling your home, bringing the elements into a harmony that helps foster Sheng Chi (good energy) is a way to invite buyers to make their way through the space with ease and an open mind.

Whether or not you have time and interest to master the principles of yin/yang or the five elements, creating a positive flow in your home just might lead to the good fortune of a sale.

For Sale by Owner Tips

Create Space

How does your home flow? Walk room to room and see if you get stuck in certain spots – or visualize a river running through your space: where would it cease to flow? Moving furniture to the perimeters and away from entryways allows for that open feeling of movement and space. This is also a time where clearing clutter is key. Inviting the feeling of lightness by letting go of stagnant energy makes way for newness to come through the house perhaps even in the form of a new owner.

Spruce up unloved closets or storage areas that could be seeping negative energy into the rest of the home by decluttering and organizing.

The Whole Picture

Feng Shui views a house holistically, not as a collection of rooms. If you love your kitchen or bedroom and tend to concentrate your time there, take into account the other, lesser used, perhaps somewhat unloved rooms that could be seeping negative energy into the rest of the home. Sprucing up a closet or basement storage space by decluttering can go far in creating a holistic good vibe that gives buyers, even more, to love as they make their way through your home. 

Take A Shining To

Metal, one of the five elements, along with air, fire, water, and earth, is the one most identified with energy that supports prosperity. The metal element is said to bring a sense of calm, clarity and peace. Neutral white and grey are aligned with metal, which is no surprise, considering professional home stagers tend to employ these shades when getting a home ready to show. Along with these colors, try incorporating metal bowls and other objects that shine, like mirrors and crystals, to reflect a sense of good energy. Bamboo and jade plants are another way to attract prosperity in the Feng Shui tradition. At the very least, invite in as much natural light as possible to illuminate the breadth of your space.

Harness the calm, clarity and peace of the with neutral white and grey shades, plus metal bowls and other objects that shine, like mirrors and crystals.

Whether you aim to become a Feng Shui master or are just looking for a few ways to bring your space to life for potential buyers, creating openness, light, and flow in your home is certain to inspire an energy that attracts attention and brings those crucial good vibes to the right buyer.