There’s Been an Unusually Large Drop in Home Sales—and Agents are Baffled

In December, existing home sales dropped by more than 6 percent—a huge drop-off that has left many real estate agents stunned and uncertain. No matter the market conditions, though, it’s more than possible to make an informed, confident decision about the sale of your home. Reach out to to learn more.

For several months straight, existing home sales were steadily increasing—much to the delight of listing agents everywhere.

And then, December happened—and with it, those existing home sales numbers took a sharp dive. The decline—a 6.4 percent change—was unusually large, and frankly has many members of the real estate industry perplexed.

Unanswered Questions About Declining Home Sales

Indeed, the National Association of Realtors generally finds that the market shifts only in the low single digits from one month to the next, making a 6.4 percent drop fairly epic. Why this epic drop happened, though, is anybody’s guess.

There are a number of theories, and one is that there’s simply been a decline in consumer confidence—perhaps due to political maneuverings, such as the ongoing friction that resulted in a government shutdown.

Another possibility is that the listing prices for existing home sales have been overly inflated, to the point where many buyers are balking at high price points.

Whatever the cause of the home sales drop, it has some sellers worried—but it shouldn’t. There are still plenty of opportunities to make smart, informed decisions about the sale of your home—and it all starts when you request a free report from

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