Tips for Selling a Home Out of State

Selling your own property can be daunting under the best of circumstances.

Trying to sell it when you’ve already moved on, into another city or perhaps even another state, can be exponentially more vexing.

Thankfully, there are some practical steps you can take to help get your place sold, even if you’ve already relocated. We’ll share some of those steps below.

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Selling Your Own Property When You’re Already Out of State

With that said… here are our house selling tips for out-of-state listings.

Be careful in the agent you choose.

When you’re selling from a different state, it’s usually necessary to hire a real estate agent— unless you’re in a position where you can somehow travel back any time there’s a showing. (That’s highly unlikely, and definitely not convenient!)

Of course, it’s always important to exercise discernment when picking a real estate agent. For these sticky situations, it’s especially important to look for the right person. Ask about the agent’s experience level working with sellers remotely, and make sure it’s something they’re fully comfortable with.

If nothing else, it’s wise to find the agent who’s sold the most homes in the last year (a different metric than listing the most homes, incidentally).

Work with a stager.

Staging your home helps ensure it looks its absolute best. It facilitates positive first impressions among buyers.

That’s important in all home selling situations, but again, it’s uniquely important when you’re selling over a long distance.

You should hire a stager who can help you in getting the place looking its best before you leave town, and ask what they can do to check back in periodically, clean and tidy up, and ensure that the home doesn’t look forsaken or abandoned.

Investigate your options for closing.

Sometimes, it’s required that you actually be present for the closing. That may be okay if you just live an hour or two away, but you may not have the time or the resources to head cross-country for your real estate transaction.

There are ways you can close on the house remotely; appointing your real estate agent as your legal stand-in, or signing your documents elsewhere, with a notary present.

As you interview titling companies and real estate attorneys, always make sure they know your situation, and ask them about closing-day flexibility.

Make sure your agent has what he or she needs

It’s good to spend some time with your agent before you leave town—walking them through the property, answering their questions, and ensuring they feel confident selling the place.

You will also want to ask them what kind of paperwork they need from you—like a copy of the deed—and ensuring they have it before you move on.

This just helps keep everyone on the same page and prevents you from having to scramble later on.

Trust your team.

Once you hire a great agent, a stager, and a real estate title attorney, it’s time to trust them to do their job.

You can’t micromanage your home sale from afar, and it’s best not to try. Set expectations for status reports and additional communication, but otherwise, be ready to step away and let your team take control.

That can be pretty challenging to do, but it’s a necessity for getting your place sold.

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