To Every Room A Purpose: Staging The Smart Way

How to Stage a House to Sell

Staging is one of those topics that can send homeowners into a tizzy. After all, why mess with the decor you’ve worked so hard to create? Well, there are reasons. Read on to find out the rationale behind this strategy.

Why Stage a House In The First Place?

As personal a place as your home is, you’re going to have to forget about that if you want to successfully sell it. Buyers don’t want to picture you there – they want to see themselves living in that space. In order to do that, you need to make it easy for them to visualize their own lives within your walls.

Enter staging. This is an art that makes your home seem as though it can – or should – be anyone’s. In other words, its smart design and décor are calculated to appeal to the vast majority of people who walk through your doors.

Talk to your agent about staging. They will likely recommend the services of a professional – advice you should strongly consider heeding. For a cost ranging from $800 to $1,500 on average, you’ll get a professional-grade job that is a strong tool in your sales arsenal.

Your stager will work with you to ensure that your home is open and welcoming to those who might be interested in purchasing it. Giving each room a specific purpose is central to this work.

Getting Started

Get rolling by clearing items out of the rooms you wish to stage. Be careful not to leave the house empty as that also offers a negative impression. Instead, concentrate on appropriate furniture and the little details that provide the feeling of home.

The goal here is to create a space where your buyers can dream of their future in your home. Think in terms of a visual story, a series of pictures portraying the possibilities for the people who walk through your doors.

Get creative. Pillows and a comfortable space can translate into a meditation room. Sports paraphernalia can turn into a workout room. Your imagination is the only limit here.

A Few Home Staging Tips & Ideas

Running low on creative juice? Here are a few ideas for turning a purposeless spare room into a space that’s going to help sell your home:

  • Home office. Believe it or not, this doesn’t even have to be its own room. If you can only carve out a slice of your kitchen, living room, or an alcove in an extra-large hallway, that may well work wonders. Add a cute desk, a chair, and some simple decorating items, and voila – there you have a simple workspace. Remember to use neutral tones and good lighting.
  • Child’s play area. A few splashes of color are permissible here, but don’t go too wild – no potential home buyer wants to be stepping on Legos while they explore your home. Try a pretty rug and a few nice details to match.
  • Outdoor area. Why stop at the door? Try turning a patio, deck, or backyard into a cozy space that will entice buyers to imagine their own warm summer nights under the stars. Here you can use a few pieces of comfortable furniture plus a barbecue to create an image your buyers can’t get out of their minds.