Process Of Selling A House -

The Process of Selling a House:

The basic process of selling a house is the same, whether you hire a realtor or sell your home yourself.

That being said, there are many ways to sell a house. If you want to learn about the real estate process and your home selling options, is your ultimate and free online resource. We make it easy for you to understand your options, and the overall process of selling a house.

The Process of Selling a House

Along with purchasing a home, selling your house is most likely the biggest financial transaction you will ever undertake. The process of selling involves numerous dynamic parts. These include:

  • Evaluate your finances, your timeframe for selling, and understand your local market. Research local property taxes and other seller expenses you’ll need to pay.
  • Collect documents including title, mortgage, and insurance papers.
  • Choose a Realtor – if you are planning to hire a realtor, do this now. Choose one with a good reputation, experience, and local to you.
  • Determine your Home’s Value – be wary of overpricing your home. Assess recent sale prices for comparable homes in your area, the nature of the current market, and seek a comparative market analysis.
  • Prepare for Sale – clean, declutter, and undertake necessary repairs. Consider hiring a home stager or stylist. Remember that first impressions count.
  • List and Market your Home – advertise with signage, listing online and in print, and use top quality photographs and videos. If possible sell in spring rather than winter and not during major holidays.
  • Show your Home – allow the agent access and if you’re selling yourself, be open to showing your home at a potential buyers’ convenience.
  • Negotiate Offers – negotiate with reasonable counter-offers and respond to every single offer.
  • Open Escrow – if you have a realtor, they will do this for you. You need to ensure you have a receipt for the buyer’s deposit.
  • Have your Home Appraised and Inspected – clean the house prior to appraisal and cooperate with home inspections arranged by the buyer, including roof and sewer certifications.
  • Deliver Disclosures – including the presence of lead-based paint – this is a legal requirement in the US. Sign Title and Escrow Documents.
  • Close Escrow – you will most likely need to vacate the property by the close of escrow.

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