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What sets EasyKnock apart
Get the cash you need to pursue your financial goals with EasyKnock’s innovative sale-leaseback solutions.
Why EasyKnock
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of your home's appraised value

"After selling the house to EasyKnock, it's just made things easier financially on us. It's lifted a burden off our shoulders to be able to move forward and plan our budget for the future as opposed to worrying about previous debt."

Erin Meelhuysen
How it works
Get the Cash You Want
Based on your financial goals, we’ll create a custom solution that converts your home equity into cash without the hassle of strict lender regulations.
Sign, Close, Rent
We’ll buy your house at its appraised value, you stay as a renter paying fair market rent, and we cover expenses like property taxes, insurance, and HOA fees.
Plan for Your Future
Depending on your program, when you’re ready you can either move to a new home, repurchase your current one, or simply remain a renter.
What's included
Knowledgeable recommendations
Avoid lender restrictions

EasyKnock is not a lender, and has no hard credit score, debt-to-income, or W2 requirements. We help more homeowners use their hard-earned equity to reach their financial goals.

Optional cash offer
Retain homeowner benefits

Unlike a traditional home sale, you may keep the rights to any home appreciation. If you direct us to sell, you get to keep any proceeds over our agreed-upon Buyout Price.

Promoting your home
Keep the option to repurchase

When you sell your home to EasyKnock, remain as a renter on your timeline until you decide to repurchase (with some solutions) or direct us to sell the home on the open market on your behalf.

Expert local agents
Make stronger offers

Avoid buyer fatigue when looking for a new home. EasyKnock helps remove contingencies and provides cash you can use to make stronger offers in a competitive market.