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What sets Flyhomes Trade In apart
We designed a way to sell one home and buy another. Unlock the purchasing power to buy your new home before you sell. Move in, then relax while we prep and list your current home. If we can't sell it in 90 days, we'll buy it ourselves.
Why Flyhomes Trade In
  • Trade Up: Buy before you sell

  • 4.9/5.0 Zillow Rating

  • Full-service listings
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"They worked extremely hard and were super responsive to all the questions we had."

Wenhao L.
How it works
Qualify Your Current Home
We'll walk through your home to determine eligibility and provide a minimum selling price. Then, we'll work with you to determine a budget for your new home.
Find & Buy Your New Home
Tour homes with our experts until you find yours. We'll buy it with a Flyhomes Cash Offer on your behalf. You move in and start living your life while take care of selling your current home.
Get the Best Price
We'll work hard to sell your home for the best profit. If it doesn't sell after 90 days, we'll buy it ourselves. Meanwhile, you'll finalize your mortgage and officially buy your new home from us.
What's included
Financial Innovation
Financial Innovation

Trade Up empowers you to use the purchasing power in your home to buy a new one before you sell.

Trade Up
Trade Up Advisor

Your personal strategist will coach you and introduce you to specialists along the way.

Full Service Listing
Full Service Listing

We prep and list your home while you relax. Includes staging, photography, and all the marketing you'd expect.

Research Team
Research Team

We make decisions based on data and research from a dedicated team who specialize in comps and finding just the right price.


They are friendly, straight up and really want you to understand the home buying process.”

Marcel B.

Customer Reviews

Everything about it made so much sense.

"Everything about it made so much sense, from their business model to the fact that their agents aren't commission based and so don't have a purely vested interest in getting your business and pressuring you into decisions you might want to take more time thinking about."

Sud S.

We trusted our agent implicitly and we never felt pressured.

"We didn't have over $1M sitting in cash ready to buy a house, so if we were with any other team or team or brokerage we would have just been out of luck. I can't say enough good things about FlyHomes. They're also just really thoughtful and smart people. They understand the business and they understand client service -- we trusted our agent implicitly and we never felt pressured or like we were a hassle for taking a long time to find the right house. Overall just a fantastic buying experience, to the point that I now go out of my way to encourage friends and colleagues to buy with FlyHomes. Keep up the good work!"

Owen G.

The Flyhomes team guided us to navigate the process and make the right choices.

"We ended up buying our dream house, through a smooth process, without any struggle, and feeling confident we were doing the right thing. I can't recommend Flyhomes enough and I can't imagine myself buying a house without reaching out to Flyhomes first"

Matheus G.