4 Home Renovations That Add Real Value

One of the best ways to sell a house is to have some renovations done—updating the house with features and amenities that will entice potential buyers.

Be careful, though. Not all home renovations are created equal, and while some add real value, others might not—meaning you could be spending money on a project that doesn’t do much to get the place sold.

In this post, we’ll highlight four home renovations that can actually be meaningful to your home sale. As always, to learn more about the best ways to sell a house, when you should sell your home, etc., we invite you to request your FREE SOLD.com report!

4 Renovations That Can Get Your Home Sold

  1. Minor bathroom remodeling.

Let’s face it: We all like a nice, clean, plush bathroom! One of the best ways to appeal to homebuyers, then, is to show them a bathroom where they can feel pampered. A new tub, tile, and vanity, combined with a fresh coat of paint, can yield a big return on investment—especially if your current bathroom isn’t quite up to snuff.

  1. Minor kitchen remodeling.

Another way to appeal to buyers? Show them a kitchen that just shines. New countertops, refinished cabinet surfaces, perhaps some new flooring or paint—these touches can go a long way toward making your home more modern and alluring.

  1. Exterior improvements.

It’s all about that curb appeal! Replace your vinyl siding, add a new front door, give the outside of your home a fresh coat of paint—anything to make it look current and well cared-for.

  1. Attic bedroom conversion.

What if, instead of a three-bedroom home, you got to list your property as a four­-bedroom home? With an attic bedroom conversion, it’s possible—and often totally worth it!

Renovations That DON’T Add Value

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also make note of some of the renovations that don’t add value. One example is the home office—simply put, it’s something that most buyers don’t care about. The other is adding a swimming pool. While some buyers may like the idea of a pool, many others just see it as hassle and upkeep.

Think smart about home renovations—and also about other issues, like when to sell your home. A free report from SOLD.com can guide you. Connect with us today to request your own!