6 Questions to Ask Before a Garage Renovation

In our last couple of posts, we offered a few due diligence tips for anyone embarking on a home renovation project. Indeed, any time you’re planning to remodel, it’s important to spend some time carefully considering your needs, your goals, and your limitations. We’ve now looked specifically at bathroom and kitchen renovations, and today, we’re concluding this series with one final part of the house: the garage.

What are some of the things you should be thinking about as you consider a garage renovation? How can you ensure you’re setting the right expectations for yourself? We’ve got six questions for self-reflection, shared below.

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What to Ask Before a Garage Remodel

Here are our recommended questions for anyone pursuing a garage renovation.

What are your goals? 

This is a good question to ask before any remodeling project, but it may be especially salient as you look at your garage. In your dream scenario, how will your garage be used? Will you park both vehicles in it? Will there be ample storage space? Will there be a workbench or small office area? Set some clear parameters for what you want your garage to look like, and how it will be used.

How much space do you have available to you?

Home renovations give you a great opportunity to dream big, to really be creative. However, there are also some practical considerations you’ll need to address. Space is obviously a major limiting factor and may impact how many of your goals are truly attainable. Get a clear sense of the space you have available, and if you really think it would be worthwhile, look into your options for expanding the space. This isn’t always viable, but it’s worth consideration.

What are the big-ticket items on your to-do list?

Some garage remodels are fairly minor in scope; maybe what you’re really doing is just decluttering, reorganizing, and tidying the place up. But in other cases, there are some big-ticket items that need to be accounted for. Some examples might be redoing the floors; having a new garage door installed; painting the walls; or having some sturdy shelving units installed. It’s always wise to begin your project with a clear sense of scope.

Do you really have room for all your junk?

A lot of homeowners use their garage as a kind of catch-all storage area, which means the space can quickly fill up with lawn and garden equipment, sports stuff, automotive gadgets, holiday decor, and anything that doesn’t quite have a place in the home. Hopefully, in renovating, you can find space for everything… but sometimes, that just isn’t feasible. It may be that you just have too much and need to get rid of stuff before you renovate.

Can you do it yourself?

A small-scale garage remodeling project may be totally doable on a DIY basis. But sometimes, you may have some projects that are just too sizable or too technical. Be honest with yourself about whether you need to bring in some pros.

How will the renovation impact your day to day life?

Will you need to find a new place to park your car for a few days? Or find a temporary home for some of your stuff? As with any remodeling expedition, it’s wise to think through the ramifications for your everyday life.

Looking for More House Selling Tips?

There are obviously a lot of things to think about as you begin a remodel. We hope this post, and the ones that came before it, have been clarifying.

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