6 Reasons to Build Your Own Home

When it comes to finding a new home, your choices are almost limitless.

Of course, you can always take a look at the local market, see what’s for sale, and potentially find a number of excellent options. And if you don’t see anything you like, you only need to wait some time – a month or two – and a whole new slate of homes will come to market.

Alternatively, you can build your own home. Buy a plot of land, consult with a builder, and turn your dream house into a reality!

Naturally, this option is slightly more complicated than simply buying a pre-existing house, and we don’t recommend it for everyone. There are some definite advantages to building your own home, however, and we invite you to consider them here.

Why Build Your Own Home?

Here are some of the top reasons to think about building your own place.

  1. You can achieve your dream house. The primary reason to build your own home is that it gives you total control over the design outcome. If there’s something specific you’re trying to realize, whether in the style, floor plan, or amenities, you may not be able to find it on the market. It may take more time then finding a reasonable home fit for you but your house can be built just how you like it. You can compromise, or you can customize – plan everything out, and then work with a contractor to design the house you really want, down to the last detail.
  2. You can ensure quality workmanship. Are you tired of homes that have constant maintenance issues, or that seem to be falling apart all around you? Well, the reality is that all homes have issues sooner or later… but when you build a new construction, you have a lot of authority in vetting builders, selecting high-quality materials, and ensuring everything is done in a thoughtful manner. You won’t be able to plan and avert all potential problems, but you can definitely minimize them.
  3. You can build a smart house from the ground up. Are you interested in home automation? Would you like a custom home with a lot of interior and exterior advanced, integrated security features, entertainment options, and creature comforts? You can always retrofit an existing home with smart technology, but it’s often easier and more affordable to build your smart house from the ground up. Get a property that’s truly wired for maximum efficiency.
  4. It might be more affordable than you think. One of the reasons why people shy away from building their own property is that they assume it will be prohibitively expensive. There can be a lot of costs associated with it: Buying the land, laying the concrete for sidewalks, building a road, ensuring the proper plumbing infrastructure, etc. With that said, the actual cost of construction may be more affordable than you anticipate, and in fact, it can often be less expensive than buying a house! That’s because you get to avoid a lot of the broker fees commonly associated with real estate transactions. The bottom line is that, by building your own place, you may get more bang for your buck.
  5. You can say goodbye to mortgage payments. A lot of lenders will be hesitant to make home loans to those who are working to build their own place. This is especially true if you don’t have any experience building your own house. This means building a home may not be an option for those who don’t have plenty of money saved; if you do have some savings, though, you can work with a contractor, invest your savings in a property and never have to worry about monthly mortgage payments again!
  6. You can get away from it all. It might not save you time commuting but a final reason to think seriously about building your own home: If you’ve always wanted a more private or secluded location, and don’t especially like the idea of building into an existing community, building your own place will allow you to get some land that’s out in the country a bit… create a place that has the coziness of home and the exterior of your dreams a true sanctuary for you and your family.

These are just a few of the primary reasons why you might benefit from building, rather than buying, your next home.

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