Front Door Curb Appeal 101

The best way to sell a house is to invest in winsome curb appeal, knocking buyers’ socks off as soon as they pull up to the place and making them eager to learn more.

That’s what real estate agents refer to as curb appeal. We recently started a new blog series on just this topic, called Curb Appeal 101. In our last post, we went deep into the topic of the front lawn. Today, we inch a little closer to the domicile itself, with just a few tips on how to make your front door and stoop look their absolute best.

We can’t stress this enough: Attending to curb appeal is one of the most important parts in the process of selling a house, so take these tips to heart!

Enhance Your Front Door and Stoop

Here are our top tips for selling your house by way of beautiful front entryway:

  1. First and foremost, just keep the area clean. If you have siding, spend some time scrubbing it clean. If your place really needs some TLC, you might consider renting a pressure washer. And, before any showings, spend some time sweeping the front porch/stoop/steps.
  2. Keep the door itself clean; usually, a diluted mixture of soapy water will do the trick.
  3. If your door is in bad shape, have it repaired or replaced. In particular, beware of a door that sticks when you open or close it, a drafty frame, or a door with a lot of unsightly scrapes and blemishes. Replacing your front door is an investment that can really pay off in terms of improved curb appeal.
  4. Something else you might do is give your front door a fresh coat of pain. Again, the best way to sell a house is to create a positive first impression, and a really bright, vibrant front door can really make your entire home pop.
  5. Additionally, make your buyers feel welcome with a nice, friendly mat. (Note: A “Beware of Dog” mat doesn’t qualify! You’re going for warm fuzzies here!)
  6. Upgrade any elements that are showing wear and tear—including the doorknob, knocker, doorbell plate, and even your house numbers.
  7. Decorate your front stoop with some nice, fresh flowers—another touch that can help buyers feel truly welcome.

Straightening up your front entryway is a critical step in the process of selling a house—but we’ve still got a few more curb appeal lessons to share.

Next time: We head to the back yard. Stay tuned for more tips for selling your house!