Get Your Closets Ready for a Home Listing

When you’re trying to get your house sold, it’s important to prepare for house hunters—potential buyers who will go over your home with a fine-toothed comb, inspecting every nook and cranny to ensure it’s to their liking.

A lot of the house selling tips you’ll find online focus on preparing the kitchen, bathrooms, and living spaces—and for good reason. These tend to be the areas that attract buyer attention and establish the impression they have of your home. These areas can truly be make or break.

With that said, remember that buyers are going to want to explore every square inch of your property… and all it takes is one poorly maintained or poorly staged room for them to get cold feet.

Buyers will even want to look inside your closets—and really, who can blame them? When buying a home, seeking sufficient closet space is a big deal!

The question is, what can you do to make sure even your closets make a positive impression on buyers? Here are a few house selling tips that are closet-centric!

Before we get to them, though, just remember: As you seek help to sell your home, the first place to look is your seller’s report. If you don’t have one, request it today—totally free of charge.

Getting Your Closets Ready for Potential Buyers

Create White Space

First, create some white space in your closet.

When we talk about white space, we don’t necessarily mean the color white. White space is a design term; basically, it means providing some serenity, a break from non-stop colors and busyness. In terms of your closet, this means quite literally maintaining some empty areas where the eye can rest. You don’t want it to be so jam-packed with stuff that it overwhelms.

Remove whatever you can to free up some room, whether that means throwing stuff away, donating it to Goodwill, or simply putting it in storage somewhere else until you move. Then, try to leave a few inches of space between the items left in the closet. Again, what you’re going for is some empty air where the eye can rest.

Give it a Paint Job 

Homesellers often consider painting bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens… well, why not consider a fresh coat of paint for your closet?

Given the small space of most closets, it should be relatively easy—and it can really make those closets pop! You’re going to want to choose light, neutral colors, of course—nothing too garish.

Invest in High-End Hangers

Do you have a closet full of mismatched hangers?

That can’t help but detract from the overall look and organization of your closet space.

Nice hangers will require an expenditure, but then again, you get to take them with you when you move—so it’s not like that money’s going to waste! And providing a uniform look to your hangers can help your closet look so much nicer!

Coordinate Colors

One thing that can help you get your home sold is to spend some time color-coordinating your closet—hanging clothes according to color groups, and organizing other items/boxes in a similar way.

This is pleasing to the eye and gives a sense of organization—which in turn helps buyers see the promise of this closet area.

Leave Your Dingy Clothing Elsewhere

You don’t want anything in your closet to be a turn-off to potential buyers… and your smelly gym clothes or muddy, working-in-the-yard attire can’t help but be off-putting!

Simple strategy: Store these items in a drawer somewhere instead of displaying them in your closet.

Get Rid of Items That Are Too Personal

Along the same lines, you want to avoid displaying items that are overly personal—family photos, for example.

These items can simply be distracting and make it hard for buyers to imagine the home as theirs, instead of yours.

That doesn’t mean you have to throw all these items away! We’re just suggesting storing them rather than displaying them in your closet area.

Get Help to Sell Your Home

When it comes to listing and selling, you’ve got to be attentive to every area of your home— and that includes closets!

As you seek guidelines for selling your property, don’t forget to grab your report—

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