Getting Ready for Autumn Lawn Care

Are you planning on selling your own property this fall?

If so, then one thing you’re going to have to think about is lawn maintenance.

The two are hardly unrelated. The best way to get your house sold is to dazzle buyers with a strong first impression, helping them to see your property’s full potential. And frankly, that starts with the lawn! Curb appeal dictates that you keep your front yard and garden area looking as lovingly maintained as can be.

Different seasons present different challenges, though, and autumn can be especially vexing. In this post, we’ll share some seasonal lawn care tips that homeowners can use to maximize their property’s appeal.

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Autumn Lawn Maintenance 101

With that said, here are our lawn maintenance tips for homeowners who are hoping to get their place sold!

  • Keep your leaves raked. There are a few reasons for this, starting with the most obvious one… if you’re looking to convince buyers that your property is regularly cared for, you can’t leave huge blankets of leaves scattered across the lawn and driveway! Also, if you don’t remove leaves, they will keep your grass from getting the sun and nutrients needed to grow, which could lead to problems come spring. Finally, as leaves accumulate on your lawn, they tend to get soggy, muddy, and gross. So, rake as needed!
  • Mow to the correct height. Even as cool weather approaches, you’ll still want to keep your grass mowed as needed. The ideal height for your grass is around 2.5 to three inches. Don’t put the lawn mower away too early!
  • Water your grass. When the weather turns cools, many homeowners assume they can stop watering. That’s not necessarily the case, though. No matter the season, your lawn needs about an inch of water a week. Set out a rain gauge, and if you’re not seeing the right level of moisture, you may need to keep the sprinkler connected for a little while longer.
  • Remove dead flowers and plants. Do you have a bush, a fern, or a shrub that didn’t survive the harsh summer heat? If you’ve got plants that are browning, you’ll need to either quickly revive them or else get rid of them. If buyers show up at your property and are greeted by a garden full of dead plants, it’s not going to give them a very strong first impression!
  • Keep lawn toys in their right place. If you have kids, then you may also have a small fleet of bikes and scooters, plus plenty of other “outside toys.” If the weather is too cold for these toys (like, if you have water tables and other summer toys), put them into seasonal storage. And for toys that are still in use, just make sure they have a place, and that your lawn area looks neat and clutter-free.
  • Get some autumn decor. Finally, as you think about selling your own property, get some tasteful autumn decorations that you can use to make your front stoop look welcoming. This might involve pumpkins, a wreath, some seasonally appropriate plant life… whatever you think casts your home in the most inviting light possible.

With these basic tips, you’re ready to make a strong first impression with your front lawn… and hopefully, it’ll be helpful to you in the process of selling a house!

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