Getting Ready for Movers to Arrive

You’ve sold your house. You’re excited about relocating to some new digs. You’re packed up and ready to move out. The movers are on their way.

Chances are, you’re feeling excited… but maybe also a little overwhelmed.

The truth is, for as stressful as selling your own property can be, moving can also be pretty nerve racking. Even when you have a professional moving crew lined up, the prospect of transplanting your entire life from one house to another can really overwhelm.

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure you’re ready for the movers to arrive, though. Hopefully, this will both ensure a smoother process and also give you some peace of mind.

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Getting Ready for Your Moving Team

With that said, here’s how we’d recommend you prepare for your moving team.

  1. Box everything up. Now, maybe your moving service also includes a packing service… and that’s different. But most of the time, your movers aren’t going to do the packing for you, and it’s critical to be ready for them with all your stuff in boxes. Make sure you invest in good, sturdy cardboard boxes. And, ensure that each box is clearly labelled, which can be meaningful during the unloading process.
  2. Think about where your driver should park. Where’s the best place for them to situate their truck so as to make the move as easy and as seamless as can be, while also minimizing any obstruction to traffic in your neighborhood? Most of the time, someone from the moving company will call you shortly before the move to go over last-minute logistics. Be ready with some clear parking instructions.
  3. You’ll also want to take some common-sense measures to protect your home. If the weather is yucky, we recommend placing tarps or blankets in the doorways, ensuring that there isn’t too much moisture tracked inside. You can also put down tarps on hardwood floors to protect them from getting scuffed up. Sometimes moving teams will provide these services, so you can also ask them in advance and coordinate your efforts accordingly.
  4. Think about any pieces of furniture that may not be able to fit through your doorways. Most of the time, movers will be able to find a way to get even the clunkiest of furniture through the smallest of doors… but if you have a particular piece that you know is going to be a problem, it might be wise to disassemble it in advance of the moving team’s arrival.
  5. If you have small kids, the last thing you want is for them to be under foot during your move, causing your moving team to stress. If at all possible, arrange for them to have a sitter, or better yet, to be somewhere else as the big move unfolds! (What a perfect time for a trip to grandma’s house…)
  6. Along the same lines, think about your pets. You don’t want them in the way, nor do you want them unduly agitated by the presence of a moving team. If you need to board them for the day, that might ultimately be a wise investment.
  7. One last thing to think about is tipping. It’s not required but it is very polite to provide cash tips for moving teams, especially when they do a really exceptional job.

With these tips, you’ll be in pretty good shape for moving day… and your movers will surely be impressed by your hustle!

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