Harness the Power of Color to Sell Your Home

From art to advertising, color has long been utilized to evoke moods and influence purchases. Leverage the power of paint to create a vibe that makes potential buyers want to make themselves at home.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to boost the selling price of a home. The colors you choose have the power to increase (and decrease!) your home’s value. Based on the current consumer preferences and observed psychological cues of colors, here are a few go-to’s – and no-go’s – to consider when repainting your home to sell.

Put it in Neutral

You can’t go wrong with universally flattering shades of eggshell or taupe. Stark whites, on the other hand, can have an adverse effect on buyer confidence, particularly in bathrooms. Erring on the side of caution with neutral hues is better than not repainting at all, but consider adding a few colorful walls to amp up the intrigue of your listing. If you really don’t want to splash out in a strong shade, make up for it with pop-color décor accents. For the exterior, greyish beige or “greige” is a winning choice, beating out brown or tan in curb appeal. Crisp white is another classic exterior treatment that most any buyer will appreciate.

Consider adding a few colorful walls to amp up the intrigue of your listing. For neutral paint purists, stage your space with pop-color décor accents.

True Blue

Cool, calming and easy to love, beautiful blue is a foolproof way to go for all-around appeal in just about any room of the house. Powder blue and periwinkle bathrooms have been shown to increase a home’s value, as have deeper slate blues for bedroom and dining room walls. Cheery cerulean or sophisticated navy are inviting shades to paint the front door. Psychologically, blue is known to trigger thoughts of trustworthiness – not a bad thing when selling your home.

Seeing Red

Nothing says drama like a red room – and when selling a house, the less drama the better. This intense shade is known to raise energy levels, and a few years back was a popular shortcut to creating a noteworthy bedroom or dining room. Those days are over. Current consumer trends indicate a real preference for blue, so either keep it neutral or cool it down instead of reaching for red. Another downfall: deep, dark colors have a tendency to shrink the look of a room.

Yellow: Just Say No

Another formerly favored hue, yesterday’s yellow kitchen is today’s outdated listing – and can even decrease the value of your home.

Joyful and uplifting as it may be, yellow has proven itself a polarizing hue for today’s buyers. Opt instead of clean neutrals or on-trend blues when repainting your space.

A yellow kitchen can decrease your home’s value. Opt instead for neutral or blue hues.

The way color effects buyer emotions and sensibilities should not be underestimated. Create harmony in your home and inspire buyer desire with a few key coats of paint. Current color trends and feel-good mood cues are helpful guideposts as you get your home ready to sell your home.