Home Decor Items That Will Help You Sell

Articles about how to sell a home tend to focus a lot on decluttering—that is, eliminating any items that might make your space less appealing to potential buyers.

But getting your house sold isn’t always about what you eliminate! Sometimes, you’re definitely going to want to keep certain pieces of furniture or home decor in place. And in some instances, you may even want to purchase key pieces that will help your space to shine.

That’s what we’re talking about today—the home decor items that can enhance your listing. As you follow the steps to selling a house, make sure you pause, take an inventory, and acquire any decor that might prove helpful to you.

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Home Decor Items That Will Help You Get Your House Sold

Here are some pieces to consider as you stage and list your home.

  • Do you have old pieces of furniture that are ragged, stained, or faded? While these items aren’t part of the house itself, they can still be a turn-off to buyers. Certainly, as you try to make a positive first impression, you’ll want to conceal furniture that’s seen better days. If you can’t afford new pieces, don’t worry: A simple slipcover can make your furniture look brand new, for a fraction of the price.
  • Throw pillows and blankets. One way to sell your home is to make it seem as welcoming, as cozy, as home-like as can be. Allow your buyers to see it as a place where they can find comfort and refuge. Some plush, fluffy pillows and blankets can be a tremendous asset here.
  • White towels. Luxury hotels and resorts have crisp, clean, white towels, which emanate class and comfort. You can give your house hunters that same feeling. Get some fluffy white towels at Target or Wal-Mart. Any time you have a showing scheduled, replace your regular towels with the white ones.
  • Area rugs. Area rugs can be useful for a couple of reasons. One is that you can use them to cover up stains or damage to your flooring! (Don’t use them to hide anything too major, though; it’ll come out in the inspection.) Also, they can help to define your space, making certain areas of your home feel more intimate and cozier.
  • File under: Optical illusions. With a few strategically placed mirrors, you can make your home seem a lot more spacious than it is! It’s an old Realtor’s trick, and what can we say? It works!
  • Here’s another item that can serve a number of uses. Fresh flowers can help cover any weird odors—like the smell of your pets. They can add a splash of color, without being too garish. And, they convey hospitality, helping buyers feel truly welcome in your home.
  • Generally speaking, you don’t want to have empty walls. A few judiciously placed pieces of art can work wonders toward contextualizing your space.
  • Hopefully, you get plenty of good, natural light in your home. If that’s not the case, you may want to invest in a lamp or two. Place them strategically to ensure that your darkest rooms get a little illumination.

How to Sell a Home with the Right Decor

As you consider the best ways to stage and decorate your home, it’s important to have all the right furnishings in place.

And yes, it’s also important to make sure you eliminate the decor that makes your home look crowded, cluttered, or dated. Some examples of home decor that does more harm than good:

  • Any political memorabilia or signage
  • Explicitly religious icons/images
  • Excessive family photos (a few are okay, but don’t overdo it!)
  • Strange collections (dolls, clowns, dead bugs…)

As you can tell, there’s much to think about as you prepare your home for a listing. Make sure you’re thinking clearly, and using all the data available to you, by claiming your SOLD.com report. Master the steps to selling a house, with independent tips from our experts!