How to Plan for Your Kitchen Remodel Cost

Whether you’re getting your house ready to list or you simply want a more spacious place for meal prep, kitchen remodeling may be a wise move. But of course, before you start your project, you’ll want to make sure you have all relevant information… including a good understanding of the average kitchen remodel cost.

How Much Does the Average Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Naturally, there are a number of factors that can impact your particular kitchen remodel cost, including the size of your kitchen and the scope of the renovation. With that said, it may be helpful to begin with the average kitchen remodel cost, just as a benchmark.

In 2022, the average kitchen remodel cost is a little over $22,000. Remodeling projects at the higher end of the price spectrum may top $50,000. Meanwhile, projects that are at the lower end can cost as little as $10,000 or less.

How Should You Budget for a Kitchen Remodel?

Before beginning your project, you’ll probably want to develop a budget, creating some basic parameters for how much the project will cost you. There are several factors you might consider, but a good starting point is just to think about the items you determine to be top priorities or non-negotiables. Some examples include:

  • Will you need to replace the kitchen flooring, or are you keeping it as is?
  • Are you planning to add square footage to your kitchen?
  • Will you need a new refrigerator? How about other appliances?
  • Will you need a new sink, and if so, will you need to overhaul your kitchen’s existing plumbing system?

What Areas Should You Focus on for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Different homeowners are naturally going to have different priorities when it comes to their kitchen remodel. With that said, if you’re looking to make a dramatic difference in the most cost-effective way possible, there are a few areas where you should really focus. Some of the main focus areas for a kitchen remodel include:

  • Your overall color scheme
  • Your cabinetry 
  • The countertops and the backsplash
  • Your window placement
  • The bar (something you’ll really want to add if you plan on listing sometime soon)

Use these focal points to help guide decisions about your remodeling project, and to think more clearly about the average kitchen remodel cost.

What Will Add the Most Resale Value to Your Home?

One of the great things about remodeling your kitchen is that it can potentially make it much easier for you to find a buyer. And, it can be a real investment in the overall value of the home

There are a few specific ways in which you can use a kitchen remodel to add value to the home. Some of the most value-adding kitchen remodeling steps include:

  • Choose a strong, deep sink
  • Install radiant heat below the floor
  • Opt for an induction cooktop
  • Add recessed lights
  • Consider USB ports/charging stations
  • Invest in nice-looking, stainless steel appliances

Should You DIY or Should You Hire a Professional?

Another common question when planning a kitchen remodel: Is it better to hire a professional, or handle it all yourself?

For smaller remodeling projects, the DIY method might work, especially if you’re already pretty handy or you have the patience to learn some new skills.

Keep in mind, though, that hiring professionals can cut down on costly mistakes, potentially resulting in cost savings and a better result. Also note that, if you’re planning to do any plumbing or electrical work, it’s much safer to hire a pro.

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