Remodel Your Way to a Quicker Sale

How to sell a house fast in a slow market? Remodel! Heat up a cool seller’s market with hot remodeling ideas that get your home the right kind of attention. Choose projects with expenses you can recoup through the sale – and ones that leave room for the buyers’ personal tastes.

How to Renovate Your House to Sell

Here at, we’re big proponents of the power of a fresh coat of paint to make a good impression on prospective buyers. There are plenty of other ways to create that sense of freshness in your space that most any buyer will appreciate. Here are a few of our favorite remodeling tactics to speed up your home sale and add to your asking price.     

Raise The Roof

Cupped, cracked or otherwise compromised roof shingles are a dealbreaker for many prospective home buyers. Redoing the roofing offers a value that most anyone can appreciate, particularly if it’s long overdue. After all, no one likes a leaky roof!

Take Sides

Is a fresh exterior home facade as sexy as a steam shower? Maybe not, but it will attract buyers with an eye for soundness over style. Replacing, fixing or otherwise enhancing the exterior with new siding, refaced brick, or fresh paint is a solid way to boost curb appeal – and buyer confidence.

Apply Yourself

Clunky old appliances give off a dated vibe. Updating old kitchen appliances with stainless steel versions goes a long way to give the impression of newness – and can be a lot cheaper than refacing cabinets or installing granite countertops.

Whiten Up

If your toilet or sink is stained, damaged or outdated, consider replacing them with classic white porcelain in clean-lined silhouettes with simple chrome fixtures. This is a relatively inexpensive way to give your bathrooms a fresh look.

Power Up

Power outlets with USB ports in the kitchen and bedrooms are a cost-effective little extra designed to appeal to first-time homebuyers, who tend to be young and tech-savvy.

Store It Away

Update closets with shelving and interior lights, particularly entryway coat closets and the master bed and bath closets. This is another not-too-spendy way to impress potential buyers.

Let the Light In

Old, dusty or otherwise damaged blinds shine a shoddy light on your space. Fresh window treatments in the form of new blinds paint a brighter picture.

Choosing your remodeling projects wisely means creating a positive impression without negatively impacting your profits on the sale. Decide which renovations will make your home shine in the eyes of prospective buyers.