Selling Your Own Property? Make Sure You Get the Right Advice

When it comes to selling your own property, one thing is inevitable: As soon as you list, you’ll
be bombarded with requests from local agents who want to help you. But with, you
can get individualized, independent home selling advice for free. Learn more about’s
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When it comes to selling your own property, one thing is inevitable: Within days of listing
(potentially within hours), you’ll be inundated with calls from local agents who want to know if
they can help you. Some will want to help you with your listing; others will want to help you
purchase your next place. Some may even want to do both.

Of course, you may still wish to go the FSBO route, choosing not to work with a listing agent.
That’s certainly your prerogative! Then again, you may also change your mind. One of the
agents who contacts you may convince you that they can help you through the process of
selling a house—and again, that’s fine, too.

But there is a third option you should know about as you wonder how to sell a house without a
Realtor: You can seek out tried-and-true real estate advice and personalized guidance without
having to pay an agent’s commission. And, you can get that advice for free. Will Walk You Through the Process of Selling a House

The solution lies in your FREE report, which puts expert-level real estate advice in the
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Here’s how it works: will ask you a few quick questions about your property and
about your real estate goals. (For example, are you trying to sell as quickly as possible? As
affordable as possible? Without any hassle?)

Once you answer our quick questions, we will provide you with a customized report—complete
with a personalized recommendation on how best to sell your home. This may be through a
traditional agent, a discount agent, or even through the FSBO route.

Crucially, is not affiliated with any brokerage or real estate company. The reports we
generate offer 100 percent independent, unbiased advice. The goal is simply to help sellers
make fully informed decisions.

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