Tips for Hiring the Right Handyman

If you own your own home for long enough, sooner or later you’re going to know the name of a good handyman.

Don’t misunderstand us: It’s important to learn some basic household maintenance and repair tasks on your own. Eventually, though, all homeowners find a project they just can’t complete without assistance. Or, they simply lack the time needed to tackle that project and choose instead to farm it out to a professional.

It’s good to know a reputable handyman, especially as you get ready to sell. Before you list, you may have some small repairs that need to be made to ensure strong curb appeal. And after you list, a home inspection may reveal some little issues that need to be cleared up. Hiring a handyman ensures these things are taken care of properly, and in a reasonable amount of time.

Not all handyman services are created equal, however, and as you try to find the right person to hire, it’s vital to do some research. In this post, we’ll share some house selling tips specifically aimed at locating the right handyman… someone who can get the job done well and help you get your place sold!

Find the Right Handyman, Then Get Your Home Sold!

Head to the Hardware Store

To start the search, head to the nearest hardware store, walk up to the customer service desk, and ask if they have any handyman services they can recommend.

A lot of homeowners don’t view the hardware store as a resource, but really, that’s the best place you can head as you try to connect with local contractors, builders, etc.

Specifically, a hardware store can recommend someone who’s all paid up on their products and materials; someone who’s known to be not just a skilled craftsperson, but also a reputable and honest business owner.

Don’t overlook this key venue for meaningful recommendations!

Remember, You Don’t Have to Be the Expert

As you look for a handyman, it’s important to know what you want—but that doesn’t mean you have to be an expert in home repair.

For example, if you have a door that doesn’t close all the way, you should be able to clearly articulate to your handyman exactly what you want—a door that opens and closes properly!

But you don’t have to get lost in an endless rabbit hole of DIY blogs and YouTube videos, explaining all the ins and outs of door repair.

Just set the expectation for your handyman, and trust that they can figure out the specifics.

Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter-Free

When you’re selling your own property, cleaning and decluttering should always be high on your agenda.

This is especially important if you have a handyman on the way. For one thing, is ensures that your handyman can get to the project site quickly, without being encumbered. And two, it guarantees that you’re not ultimately paying your handyman for clean-up services that you could have handled yourself!

Basically, you want to have a clean job site, totally prepared for work to be done, so that your handyman can get right to it.

Get Everything in Writing

Good general advice for any kind of home repair service: Insist on a detailed, comprehensive contract.

That means a written agreement of what needs to be done; what your expectations are for the finished project; the timeline for completion; the amount you’ll pay; and how the handyman will communicate any changes to you.

A handyman who won’t give you a written contract frankly isn’t much of a professional, so don’t hesitate to keep looking until you find someone who’s agreeable to getting everything down on paper.

Don’t Neglect Referrals and Reviews

One final piece of advice as you hire a handyman to help you with selling your own property: Ask around! Your friends and family members may have someone they hired and really loved. That’s a good way of ensuring you find someone who’s trustworthy.

And if you can’t find a personal recommendation, check online reviews. These reviews aren’t totally dependable, but they can certainly be revealing.

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