5 Lawn Care Tips for Home Sellers

irst impressions can make or break a relationship, and the home-buying/selling process is no exception. The first thing prospective buyers see when they pull up to your home is your lawn. While the inside of your house may be immaculate, an unkempt lawn and poor curb appeal can make it difficult for you to sell your home yourself.


According to Zillow.com, the best month to sell a house is May, when the weather is gorgeous and people are spending more time outside than in. It is crucial that you spruce up your lawn and make it look its best. That doesn’t mean you have to gut your yard and start completely fresh. You can improve your curb appeal and maximize your chances of selling your home with these simple tips.

Lawn Care Tips for Selling Your Own Property

  1. Power-wash dirty surfaces. Grime can accumulate over the years and make paved surfaces look much older (not to mention dirtier). Power-wash walkways, driveways, pavement, and similar surfaces to eliminate the gunk. Look at other areas like siding and fences to see if they could use a touch up with the power-washer as well.
  2. Add colorful plants. Depending on the style of your home, you should invest in flowers that will make it really pop. No matter what your home looks like, you can easily find plants to match (and enhance) the exterior.

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  1. Apply mulch. Mulch is not only beneficial to your lawn and garden, but it also helps plant life stand out more. A fresh application of mulch may require a little time and elbow grease, but the effect it can have on curb appeal is well worth it. Add a fresh layer of mulch to all your garden beds and you’ll be amazed at what a difference it will make.
  2. Shape up trees and shrubs. Overgrown and/or dead plant life can be a major turnoff for prospective homebuyers. Once you come to the decision on when to sell your house, it’s time to get to pruning and shaping up trees and shrubs around your property. Make sure all dead branches, vines, and weeds are taken care of before you start showing your home.
  3. Clean up debris. After all is said and done, nothing beats a good old-fashioned cleanup. Conduct a walkthrough of your property and clean up litter, trimmings, branches, leaves, and anything else unsightly. Once all the large debris is gone, you can go through with a leaf blower to do away with the smaller particles.

If you are planning on selling a house without a realtor, you need to create a solid first impression via curb appeal. By simply maintaining your lawn per the tips above, you may find the home-selling process to go much more smoothly.