7 Smart Home Automations to Consider

Smart home technology exists to make your life easier. Are you looking to increase home security? To better control your heating and cooling costs? Or simply to enjoy new levels of comfort, luxury, and convenience? Smart home automation can help with all of this and more.

Maybe you’ve not yet embraced smart home automation. The beauty of it is that it’s both highly customizable and very scalable; you can choose the automation features that are most attractive to you, then gradually expand your smart home portfolio as time progresses.

As you think about automating your home, here are a few smart home technologies to consider. They’ll improve your quality of life and may also make it easier to one day get your home sold.

7 Smart Home Technologies to Think About

  1. Go remote. Some of the best smart home capabilities allow you to control key aspects of your home from a phone or a tablet, even if you’re in a completely different part of the world. For example, you can use a smart home automation app to ensure that your doors are locked, your garage is closed, your thermostat is set at the right level, etc. This can give you a lot of peace of mind while you’re traveling.
  2. Crank up some tunes. A good network of smart home speakers make it easy for you to play your favorite albums or playlists no matter where you are in the home; in fact, you can set up your smart speaker system so that different music can be played in different parts of the house. You can listen to one thing while you wash the dishes, and your kids can play something else while they work on homework.
  3. Control the climate. One of the big advantages of smart home automation is that it lets you make use of your utilities more efficiently… which can save you a lot of money from month to month. Invest in some temperature control technologies that will allow you to be comfortable without spending too much money to heat or cool the place when nobody’s actually home.
  4. Build an oasis. There are a number of smart technologies you can implement in your bathroom, turning it into a sanctuary; a refuge; a personal oasis and spa! A built-in entertainment system can make your time in the tub that much more enjoyable. You can get a smart mirror that will allow you to magnify and illuminate as needed. The list goes on and on from there.
  5. Stay secure. Home automation also makes it easier for you to keep your home safe and secure. Receive alerts as to any strange activity on your property or view real-time security camera feeds from your phone or tablet.
  6. Check the mail. Did you know that you can attach a motion sensor to your mailbox, alerting you to any time it’s opened? You can then configure it so that you receive a text message alert any time new mail is deposited into your mailbox. It’s a smart way to ensure that you always know when that much-anticipated package arrives, or simply to prevent yourself from making an unproductive trip out to the mailbox.
  7. Turn on the lights. One final option to consider is smart lighting. Provide your home with illumination that can be easily and automatically adjusted according to the time of day. Always set just the right ambiance, without the need to manually adjust lamps or dimmers. Smart home lighting can make a world of difference in your home life!

These are just a few examples of how smart home automation can make your life a little bit better.

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