Avoid These FSBO Errors

Looking to sell your house yourself? You absolutely can. Many homeowners go the for sale by owner (FSBO) route, which gives them more control over the sales process than if they worked with an agent. Additionally, it allows them to keep all of the profits!

While selling a house without an agent can be rewarding, it’s also challenging. There are a number of common errors that can jeopardize your sale, or result in you making less money than you might otherwise.

Be aware of some of those common errors. And, for additional house selling tips, request your SOLD.com report today.

To Sell Your House Yourself, Avoid These Common Errors

These are the mistakes you’re most likely to see in a FSBO situation:

  1. Pricing incorrectly. Misprice your home and it will just linger on the market for weeks, even months. This is a fatal error, but also a common one. It’s vital to base your pricing on real market research, not just on what you think the home is worth.
  2. Putting a cheap FSBO sign in the yard. You can get a FSBO sign at any home improvement store, but these tend to lack any eye-catching elements—and, they’re often quite flimsy, unable to withstand inclement weather. Spring for sturdier, more professional signage.
  3. Not having a marketing plan. There’s no such thing as a house that sells itself. You’ve got to have a clear marketing plan in mind. And remember, when selling a house without an agent, executing that plan all comes down to you.
  4. Responding slowly to inquiries. When you have a potential buyer, it’s critical to bend over backwards responding to them promptly—or else, they may lose interest and move on to the next home.
  5. Not disclosing issues. Legally, you may need to disclose certain maintenance issues to potential buyers—so make sure you know what your state laws say about this. Failure to do so could land you in legal peril down the road.

Get More House Selling Tips from SOLD.com

By avoiding these errors, you’re off to a good start on your FSBO journey—but of course, there’s more to it than what we’ve mentioned here.

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