Should You Clean Your Septic System Before Selling Your Home?

As you look into selling a house without an agent, you do not want to cut corners or overlook issues that could be seemingly minor. One particular area that is often neglected is the question of what to do with the septic tank prior to the sale. Whose responsibility is it to pump and clean the system? Is it the seller or the buyer that must do it?

While laws vary from state to state, it is a good idea for the seller to ultimately take responsibility. It may seem like an extra task (that nobody wants to do), but you would be wise to pump your septic system prior to sale for the following reasons.

It may be the law.

It has already been mentioned that, depending on the state law, the current owner must clean the tank prior to sale. If you do not abide by this rule, you risk imposing major fines and legal penalties. These not only cost you additional money, but they can also severely delay the process of selling a house. The last thing you want is to spend extra weeks trying to patch up mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

It puts you on good terms with the buyer.

The best way to sell your house is to have a good relationship with your buyer throughout the transaction. Avoiding certain inspections or procedures can be seen as sneaky by potential buyers, and they may hesitate to close on a house if they sense that something is off. When reviewing the purchase contract, there should be a clause that points out whose responsibility it is to pump the septic system. As the seller, you should be upfront about this task, and it would be wise to volunteer to handle it on your end. The buyer will appreciate you going the extra mile.

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It’s your waste.

A buyer is not going to want to pump a septic tank that they didn’t even use yet. As the homeowner, you are the one who has been using the septic tank, and therefore you may be held accountable for cleaning it.

Pumping a septic tank should be part of any homeowner’s routine along with maintaining the lawn or paying utilities. By conducting regular maintenance on your septic tank, you will save yourself some time and effort when selling your home.

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