The Benefits of Selling Your Own Property

One of the defining principles of is that there’s more than one way for homeowners to sell their property…and, that what works for one seller may not work for everyone else.

For example, many sellers will choose to work with a traditional real estate agent. Some may seek the services of a flat-fee broker. And still others may choose to sell to a cash buyer, or an “i-buyer.”

And then there are those who are interested in selling their own property, all on their own… going the “For Sale By Owner” route.

This approach isn’t for everyone, and it has some drawbacks. But for today, we want to focus on the positives. There are definitely some good reasons to consider selling your own property. In this post, we’ll list just a few of them.

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The Benefits of Selling Your House All on Your Own

With that said, here are some of the primary benefits of going down the FSBO path.

You won’t have to pay real estate commissions. 

When you sell a home with the help of a Realtor, it eats into your profit margins. That’s because you’ll need to compensate your agent for his or her services, and that means paying them a percentage of the total sale amount. While it can sometimes vary, the typical amount is around six percent, which is nothing to sneeze at. When you sell without an agent, that money stays in your pocket.

You can do things your way.

Another advantage to selling your house without an agent is autonomy. You may have some very specific ideas of how you do and don’t want to renovate, stage, and market the place. You may want to do things on your timeline and call all the shots by yourself. That doesn’t mean you’re totally on your own; there are plenty of resources available to FSBO sellers, including right here at! But, ultimately, when you go the FSBO route, it’s all about your vision and your ideas (for better or worse).

Selling yourself means eliminating the middleman.

Most real estate agents are very professional and very good at what they do. Even so, miscommunications can happen, and sometimes home sellers may wish they could speak with buyers directly instead of going through the conduit of a real estate agent. Selling your own home allows you to do exactly that.

You can still access the MLS.

Historically, one of the main reasons for working with a real estate agent was getting access to the multiple listing service, or MLS. Indeed, without placement on the MLS, your property won’t be discovered by nearly as many house hunters. It’s pretty critical, but today, you can actually pay for an MLS listing without working with a traditional agent. That’s another important tool in the FSBO toolbox.

What About the Downsides?

We said we were going to keep things positive, and as you can see, there are definitely plenty of positives to selling your house without the intervention of a professional agent.

With that said, it’s important to briefly acknowledge a few shortcomings. As you make a decision about how to sell, you’ll want to weigh both the pros as well as the cons. Some of the big cons include:

  • You won’t have an agent’s expertise to draw from; you’ll truly be calling the shots on your own, which can be daunting!
  • You won’t have access to an agent’s directory of local contractors and vendors.
  • You’ll need to devote a lot of time to your FSBO listing. Flexibility is key!
  • Some buyer’s agents won’t work with FSBO homesellers; they’ll insist on going through another licensed Realtor.

Learn More About How to Sell Your Home Without a Realtor

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