Tips for Decorating Your Hallway

It should go without saying that, as you prepare to sell your own home, you want to ensure it looks its absolute best. That means carefully staging and decorating every square inch of your property to maximize first impressions.

Maybe you’ve already put a lot of thought into this. Maybe you’ve begun brainstorming some ways to make sure your bathrooms, your kitchen, and your living room wow potential house hunters.

But have you thought about your hallways?

Hallways tend to be one part of the house that gets forgotten come staging/decoration time. After all, you don’t usually spend a lot of time in hallways; they exist pretty much to help you get from point A to point B.

And yet, when it comes to selling your house, you may not want to leave anything to chance. Taking a little time to spruce up your hallways may be just what it takes to entice a potential buyer.

So what should you do to your hallways as you seek to make them look their best… and ultimately, as you try to get your property sold? Here are our tips.

Selling Your House? Decorate the Hallways!

Invest in a new rug

One of the most important things you can do is to provide a nice walkway for your house hunters… and generally, that means investing in a nice floor runner. (Unless, of course, your hallway is carpeted, which is another story.) This is one area where it can actually pay to go bold; don’t hesitate to get a pattern that’s bright and colorful!

Change the lighting 

Does your current lighting provide enough illumination… or does the hallway always feel a little bit dark and dingy? Even if your lighting is pretty good, a boring and bland fixture isn’t going to win anyone over. Simply upgrading to a slightly more glamorous or chic light fixture can make a world of difference in your hallway.

Accentuate the walls

The walls themselves provide you with a blank canvas, and a good opportunity to try out some of the bold accents you’ve hesitated to implement elsewhere in your home. For example, that wallpaper you really like, but fear is a bit much for the bathroom? It might be just the thing to enliven your hallway!

Add artwork

The last thing you want is to leave your hallway walls completely bare. Instead, hang some nice decorative features… whether that’s a mirror, some DIY wall art, or some family photos.

Bring in a small table

This isn’t an option in every hallway. The most important thing is ensuring ease of traffic flow, so if your hallway is too narrow, you should skip this step. If there is room for a small, decorative table, however, it’s something worth considering. On that table you can place a lamp, a couple of framed photos, or even some nice, fresh flowers.

Let the light in

Are there windows along your hallway? If so, you’ll absolutely want to make sure they’re letting natural light in. Double check that blinds and curtains are open before any home showings. Remember, when selling your own home, natural light is always, always, always a good thing!

Keep it clean

Finally, don’t forget the hallway when it comes clean-up time. This probably won’t be very time-intensive, but you should definitely invest the few minutes required to vacuum, mop, dust, or do whatever else is needed to make the hallways look meticulously maintained.

Take the Next Step Toward Getting Your House Sold

Remember, when it comes to winning over potential buyers, every room and every square inch matters. That includes even the easy-to-overlook areas like your hallways. Take the steps we’ve listed here to make sure your hallways are real selling points!

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