Tips for Moving in Cold Weather

There are very few people who genuinely enjoy the process of moving. It can be physically taxing, emotionally draining, and often quite stressful. What’s more, some moving conditions are more ideal than others. Moving in crisp fall or warm spring weather is one thing but moving in winter weather can be especially challenging.

With that said, there are some tips you can keep in mind to make your cold-weather move go as smoothly as possible. We’ve listed some of those tips below.

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Moving When it’s Cold Outside

With that said, here are our cold weather moving tips.

  • Stay in contact with the moving company. As we all know, winter weather can be fairly unpredictable. Your moving team may be coming to you from another part of the country where conditions are especially hazardous, and in some cases that might force them to change their schedule. They should call and let you know, but just to be on the safe side, reach out a week before and then two days before the big move.
  • Keep an eye on the forecast. Similarly, we’d recommend keeping an eye on the weather and looking for any major changes on the horizon. If it looks like a blizzard is moving in on the day you intend to move, you may want to contact the movers about potentially rescheduling.
  • Safeguard your floors. You don’t want your floors to get damaged by the movers, and that can happen all too easily if people are tracking snow and ice in and out of the house. Invest in some cheap plastic tarps and use them to cover both your carpets and your hardwood floors.
  • Turn the heat off. This might sound crazy but remember: You’re going to have people going in and out of the house all day, and likely have your door propped open for several hours at a time. If you have the heat on, it will exert a major toll on your poor furnace system. And besides, you’ll be moving around a lot, and that will keep you plenty warm. (You may wish to run a small space heater in the bathroom, though.)
  • Board your cats and dogs. This is actually a tip we’d recommend no matter the weather. Your pets will likely be underfoot and causing inconvenience, while the presence of the movers may be agitating to especially sensitive pets. It’s better for everyone if they just spend the day elsewhere.
  • Clear off sidewalks and streets. Your movers will need a clean, snow-and-ice-free area to park their truck and also to walk around. Be sure you shovel or blow snow, scrape away ice, and do anything else within your power to clear the area. This will make moving day run a little smoother, and it will also help you avoid a potential lawsuit!
  • Confirm the date your utilities are switched off. Specifically, ensure they’re being turned off after you move, not the day of. Moving in winter, with no lights or running water, can be disastrous. (Also note that, most of the time, you’re required to keep utilities on until closing day.)
  • Keep towels and blankets handy. Take this simple step to ensure that, if snow or winter rain start coming down, you and your movers have a way to dry off.
  • Provide warm beverages. Having coffee, hot chocolate, or apple cider ready can really be a lifesaver. Make sure you provide these amenities to your movers, not just yourself!
  • Double pack fragile items. Low temperatures can make your fragile items even more brittle than normal. Double packing them is a good way to keep them from shattering in mid-move.
  • Be a generous tipper. One more thing: Most moving companies don’t alter their rates very much by season. But if you’ve got movers working hard on a cold winter day, they deserve to be compensated well. Make sure you’re ready to offer a generous tip!

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